Lydia Ross - Refilling Station, Harrogate
Lydia Ross - Refilling Station, Harrogate

Want to be more eco-friendly in 2020? here are the top 5 ‘easy-eco’ tips from The Refilling Station

We asked the Refilling Station in Harrogate for their top-tips for being more eco -  Lydia Ross gave us her 5 'easy-eco' top tips.

We asked the Refilling Station in Harrogate for their top-tips for being more eco –  Lydia Ross gave us her 5 ‘easy-eco’ top tips.

Refill your washing-up liquid bottles
Refilling opportunities are becoming more and more common and ‘refill’ shops are popping up in lots of major cities. Try an easy one, take your existing washing-up bottle and fill it up with new rather than chucking it in the recycling bin! At The Refilling Station our eco-friendly, washing-up liquid is locally-made and our tanks are refilled weekly meaning no plastic waste. If you can’t visit a ‘refill’ shop and you have space try and buy a 5-litre bottle online and refill your own – weight for weight you are still saving on single use plastic bottles.

Reusable cups
Did you know that it takes many, many years for a single use plastic cup to decompose and landfills are overrun with over 2 million cups being dumped every day! To help cut down on this problem invest in a reusable cup to grab your morning coffee. Coffee shops often give you a discount if you bring your own cup as it saves them money and washing up.

Eat less meat and dairy
Millions chose to do Veganuary this year but if a full plant-based diet isn’t for you, It’s never been easier to find good meat and dairy alternatives. Swapping out one meal a week has positive environmental and health benefits. Good natural protein alternatives are lentils and beans but there are a growing number of great meat and dairy substitutes too – the market is bountiful!

Switch to Soap
Switching soap from shower gels and hand washes may feel like we are going backwards but in fact it will help us move forward. There are many reasons why soap is often superior, the main one being plastic packaging! Picking an ethical brand of soap is an easy task for anyone these days and these soaps usually contain natural, beneficial ingredients such glycerine, coconut or aloe vera and are very moisturising for the face and body. There are some lovely fragrance-free natural soaps on the market for those with sensitive skin.

Use rapeseed oil
Rapeseed oil may not be as popular as olive or vegetable oil, but it is a far better option for your health and the environment. Rapeseed oil can be heated to higher temperature then most oils as the smoking point is around 230 degrees Celsius. It is versatile and can also be used in the same way as olive oil. Rapeseed oil also contains generous amounts of healthy fats and has half the saturated fat of olive oil. We stock Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil which is produced in Malton in North Yorkshire so has minimal food miles and because we sell it ‘on tap’ you can simply refill your bottles.

The Refilling Station can be found at 53 Grove Road in Harrogate opposite Grove Road Primary School and close to the Fire Station. They share space with an antique centre and lovely café and and have a car park if you need it.

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