Claire Rose
Claire Rose

Thinking about trying Veganuary ? Harrogate’s only vegan shop tells you why you should

5 January 2020

Have you thought about going vegan for Veganuary ?

Claire Rose runs Miss Claire Rose on Commercial Street in Harrogate and The Online Vegan Market.

Claire is a big advocate of a meat-free diet and a vegan diet, removing eggs and dairy. She also wants you to try going vegan for January as part of Veganuary.

Claire said:

People should consider taking part in Veganuary for many reasons.

We only have one home to live on and that’s our planet. If we continue to destroy it like we are doing then our grandchildren will suffer.

The cows that we farm to eat mean we bulldoze forests down in huge amount and take away the trees that are our lungs just, so we can put cattle there which produce methane which then destroys the planet in these kind of scales so we can butcher the cows and have them as burgers.

1lb of beef requires nearly 1,800 gallons (ca. 8 m³) of water! Let that sit in for a moment. Bit excessive isn’t it when you can get a vegan burger which takes no life away and uses no where near as much water.

There are also significant potential benefits from removing meat from a diet and getting protein requirements directly from plants.

Claire continued:

There are benefits to health.

The animals eat plants which gives them the protein and goes through their system and if we eat the animal then we are getting their protein second hand as it were.

Why don’t we cut out the middle man and just eat plants ourselves ?

Getting the right nutrients is so easy when eating fruits, nuts, legumes, pasta. We feel better for eating better and then everything else slots into place. I

f we choose the right dishes we feel fuller for longer, most likely loose weight, get more active, sleep better and live a longer healthier life. It’s so easy to do. I have many recipes which a great and you can Veganise anything now.

Claire also says that further reason to go vegan is for the love of animals.

Claire said:

Go vegan because you love animals and don’t want them to be chopped up into pieces. It’s a weird concept if you think about it that we eat rotting corpses now. We don’t have to.

We have supermarkets on our doorsteps now. We just have to make the swaps when we go in there from an animal flesh burger to a vegan burger which is normally next to the rotting flesh one anyway. It’s not hard.

And think of the animals that you saved. They all are sentient beings. They feel fear when they get rammed onto the killing floor. They feel love when you stroke them. They feel pain when you hurt them. Cows in particular cry when they have their babies taken away from them. That’s the dairy industry which repetitively impregnates the cows, she carries the baby for 9 months then once it is born, it gets taken away. She cries out for her baby.

If male, the baby gets smashed over the head, if female she will be kept so she can have the life her mother has. Until she can’t give birth anymore then she gets sent off to be slaughter as her body is spent. Be vegan because you don’t want to fund that. You buy it in the butchers or supermarkets and you’re paying for this to continue to happen

Claire runs the only vegan shop in Harrogate. They sell online and offer vegan food from staples and treats, they also sell  other vegan products like vegan bags, vegan shoes. They sell nothing from an animal, so no silks, no wools, no leather as Claire will say, “these don’t belong to us to take”.

Making a change away from a meat-based diet can be tricky, but using a meat-free substitute on the dishes you

Claire said:

To ease the transition from a meat based diet to meat free you could take your normal recipe and swap the meat out. Something like a spaghetti bol could take the mince out and use red lentils instead of meat mince or use Sainsbury’s own vegan mince in the freezer section for example.

Or use TVP which is dried textured vegetable protein which is cheap and tastes of whatever you’re cooking it in. So really good for anything which a sauce really. Stews. Casseroles, pies with gravy. Recipes online are easy to find.

Try doing one new recipe every week to experiment with what you like. Meat alternatives like jackfruit are like pulled pork. Tastes of whatever you marinate it in and same with tofu too. But you get your protein source and fibre too with these.

People can come in and see me for help and advice or speak to me online.

I am able to offer recommendations about where to eat, what to buy, recipes, what swap out, nutritional products all for free.


  1. What a load of Tosh totally not accurate yet you print it ?
    Shop local. Use supermarkets less. The miles vegan products travel. Support local farmers if you want to eat meat. Green fields of Yorkshire where they graze Not intensive
    Be vegan. Or vegetarian if you want but shop locally use farm shops Huge amounts of water are used to grow the veg often imported

  2. No lifeforms were harmed in the writing of this article – unlike during the plowing of fields when thousands of lifeforms are crushed and quartered, squashed and chopped. But then again, they’re not cute or furry, so that’s OK?

    And whilst I’m thinking of the animals that could be saved as Claire suggests, my thoughts are that if there wasn’t a meat and dairy market, then there would be no need for the cattle to begin with. So, no, by going vegan I wouldn’t be saving the animals, cute babies or adult, I would be causing their extinction, because there would be no requirement for them to be born in the first place, as the only reason that they are bred is for produce.

    “use TVP … tastes of whatever you’re cooking it in.”? Well, so would cardboard and it’s even cheaper!

    As for the statement about rotting corpses -by the same thought process, is it any different to eating rotting vegetation?
    Don’t wear animal products? – No, wear imitation products (e.g. faux fur) made of synthetic materials that end up in the oceans and kill the marine life. A bit like the plastic packaging around the vegan products pictured on the shelves.

    Don’t clear rain forests for cattle – no seriously; Don’t!. But please also don’t clear them for planting Palm plantations either.

    Veganuary? I don’t think so. I’ll stick with with Omnivoruary!

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