Watch Manager, Bruce Reid, Community Safety Officer, Fran Tattersal with Fire Fighter, Alan Brown
Watch Manager, Bruce Reid, Community Safety Officer, Fran Tattersal with Fire Fighter, Alan Brown

You are cordially invited to Christmas Dinner with White Watch at Harrogate Fire Station

18 December 2019

White Watch at Harrogate Fire Station are making Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day and have put an invitation out to the public.

They want everyone to be able to enjoy a Christmas Dinner and the company that goes with it.

Watch Manager, Bruce Reid, said:

I knew that I was working Christmas day, so I asked the management if we put on a Christmas Dinner at the Harrogate Fire Station.

We wanted to make it open to all, to people that perhaps can’t afford Christmas Dinner, people that are on their own or those that have found themselves homeless.

We are financing it ourselves and by donations. We have already been advertising this over social media and are overwhelmed in the response that we have received. We have been offered turkey, cracker, sweets, loan of crockery and even a large cash donation. All of which we are very very thankful to those that have thought of us.

Although the event has received wide attention and support, what it really needs now is for people to be aware of it happening and to go along. It’s an open event for all that may want to go and for a variety of reasons.

Social isolation can be difficult problem to tackle and it can be difficult to reach those that may need help.

Bruce Reid said:

To do the event justice we need more people to sign or just come along.

We are looking at welcoming 20 people per hour from 11am until 3pm for a Chistmas Dinner with all the trimmings and pudding.

It may not be yourself, but you may be part of a social or a support group, or just have a neighbour that could benefit – we need people to help spread the word and encourage people, that may be reluctant to come along.


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  1. I am a community mental health nurse and work with a lot of elderly or fraile people who are alone this Xmas but would love to be around others sadly a lot cant drive travel or walk the distance but those who can are hopefully considering the opportunity. It is so hard for those in the rural areas at this time of year. But when it is a success I will be sure to make sure even if it is myself I will be there with people and bring them!! Amazing community. Thank you so much for opening your doors!!

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