Lydia Ross and Kirsty Dodds of the Refilling Station in HArrogate
Lydia Ross and Kirsty Dodds of the Refilling Station in Harrogate

New Refilling Station opens

25 November 2019

A new refilling station has opened on Grove Road in Harrogate.

This is the second filling station by Kirsty Dodds, with her first being in Leeds. On a day-to-day basis is will be managed by Lydia Ross.

They sell locally sourced, eco-friendly household cleaning products, simple soap, natural toothpaste and deodorant, bathroom refills and ethical sourced ready packaged groceries. They favor local suppliers, responsibly sourced goods and reduced carbon footprint items above everything else.

The shop is part of a new development of old buildings, most recently used as flexible office space. There is also a café and antiques/ vintage shop – more on those to follow in a further news item.

Kirsty Dodds said:

I met Kyrensa Bentley in summer when she had a desire to offer a ‘refill shop’ as part of her overall eco-friendly offering at 53 Grove Road. Because she didn’t have capacity to run it alone and because I already run a similar shop in Chapel Allerton in North Leeds we discussed whether we would be able to offer a similar service to Harrogate and here we are!

There’s a growing trend generally towards vintage and reclaimed goods and The Refilling Station compliments what 53 Grove Road have to offer perfectly. We’re a great team offering eco-friendly alternatives to Harrogate.

I worked for a commercial organisation in a sales and marketing department but took voluntary redundancy in April 2017 – I wanted to set up something I valued and work for myself.

Kirsty said:

We’ve all seen the press coverage about climate change and one of the big environmental issues is single use plastics. We find this packaging in our grocery shopping.

The Refilling Station allows customers to avoid most or all packaging! its about reusing your existing bags, pots, tubs, bottles and jars from home.

Simply bring them in, weigh them and fill up and only pay for what you take. For who have more than they can carry we have car parking too.

Kirsty, talking about the quality and value of the products stocked:

It’s hard to be able to buy what you want and in the quantity you want. I would say that the quality of the goods at The Refilling Station is better but also the ethics of every item stocked has been considered carefully.

I can’t say that it is less expensive to shop in this manner, it’s more of a lifestyle choice. I feel that the expectation is that it should be cheaper but really supermarkets and big brands have given us all the impression that we should be paying less for our shopping.

The key is to eat and live more simply like we did before, choosing better quality.

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