Huge beasts to walk the streets of Harrogate

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A walkabout street theatre is heading to on the evening of the 26 July and during the day on the 27 July. Thanks must go to the Team for making it happen and also digging into their funds to pay for the even, in support of the town centre.

Saurus or “giant beasts from prehistoric times” will walk the streets of , at 8pm on Friday evening and during the day on Saturday.

The beasts are 5-metres high, have a deafening roar, but are also very playful.

They are bought to Harrogate by renowned Dutch street theatre company Close-Act.

from the Harrogate said:

It’s looking like a busy weekend in Harrogate with lots on in the Valley Gardens, Crescent Gardens and now this in the town centre.

The Saurus beasts are truly incredibly and will unlike you may have seen before.

Then on the Saturday there is a day of fantastic street entertainers.

Whether you live in Harrogate or further away, come down and make a day of it – Harrogate is certainly going to be the place to be that weekend!



Friday 26 July , time and location to be confirmed

Saturday, 27 July, various locations in the town centre, yet to be confirmed

The Saturday will see the Saurus beasts along with a further 4 street acts, Blue Belles,  Flamingos, Hedgemen and Roo’d.

saurus harrogate


Act 1 Blue Belles 12 – 12.30pm / 1.30 – 2pm / 3 – 3.30pm

The Blue Belles bring the delights of spring and summer meadows.

Based on our famous native bluebell flower — “fairy thimbles” — which represents everlasting love, The Blue Belles are magical as well as beautiful, making them perfect for spring/summer festivals, flower and garden themed events.

Act 2 Flamingos 12.30 – 1pm / 2 – 2.30pm / 3.30pm -4pm

Introducing Issiah and Florence, two magnificent 10 foot flamingos and their ever knowledgeable handler, Harriet Bird.

Commissioned by Liverpool City Council to celebrate the opening of the refurbished Central and inspired by the paintings of John James Audubon, these two beautiful creatures have been an instant hit with children and adults alike.

Act 3 Hedgemen 1 – 1.30pm / 2.30 – 3pm / 4 – 4.30pm

Straight from the pages of a fairy story these human shaped plants have come to life to walk, talk and cuddle their way around events worldwide.

You’ll never look at your own bush the same way after you meet one of these cheeky trees. They look exactly like the real thing only better, bigger, noisier and funnier.

The Living Topiary have caused hilarity wherever they’ve appeared, are you brave enough to have a picture with them? Be careful, you might become part of the entertainment.

Act 4 – Roo’d 1.30 – 2pm / 3 – 3.30pm / 4.30 – 5pm

Giant kangaroos on amazing bouncing stilts? That’s Roo’d!

Jumping a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they’re a phenomenal sight with their cheeky blend of outback macho and inner city punk savvy — always Roo’d but never offensive.

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