Delivery driver damages lights at the Knox in Harrogate


A delivery driver for UK Mail has damaged the outdoor lights at the Knox Pub in Harrogate – but then just drove away.

UKMail have said that that the incident fell below their normal customer service standards.

Simon Swannie of the Knox said UK Mail didn’t want to know saying it wasn’t their problem as the drivers are independent despite driving their vans and wearing clothes representing the DHL brand.

Simon Swannie, the co-owner of the Knox Pub in Harrogate said:

It happened on the 20 May. Our outdoor area is popular and we have lighting strung between the buildings. There must be about 40ft of lighting.

We could hear the van pull away and the lights being pulled from the wall.

When I checked the security video I could see the delivery van. He clearly knew he had caught the lights as he drove off, then stopped to unhook them from his van.

I would have at least expected him to have stopped and apologise, but he just drove away.


Delivery Driver unhooks the lights at the Knox
Delivery Driver unhooks the lights at the Knox

A spokesperson for UK Mail said:

We would like to offer our apologies to Mr Swannie.

Clearly this incident is unacceptable and falls way below our normal standard of customer service.

Simon Swannie added:

The driver was extremely rude and denied doing anything but has paid for the lights.

The driver has paid for the 2 sets of 8m lights he snapped however the complete set runs about 80 ft so we don’t know If when he pulled them off the building whether it’s damaged the other sets – as they all need to be connected to each other to work and until the strings completed we cannot test them.

I’d asked for him to replace them not send me the money, we gave him lights 4 fun details and requested he sort it out direct.

We’re still without lighting now until they arrive and then we need to test everything and reinstall, if it could have been taken down and redone in the same day it would have saved a lot of money.

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