John Longworth MEP with Nigel Farrage MEP
John Longworth MEP with Nigel Farrage MEP outside the HCC

Brexit Party says “Common Sense” has prevailed for Yorkshire

27 May 2019

John Longworth our new MEP has spoken to the Harrogate Informer and said that common sense has prevailed in the EU Elections.

John  Longworth, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, The Brexit Party, said:

The common sense of the people of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire won through last night giving the Brexit Party top position in every district of the region except York and the no 1 party in Harrogate, which had voted Remain.

It sends a clear message to our failed political establishment the we want Brexit and we want it now.

People are fed up with Parliament ignoring the largest mandate in living memory and with the broken promises of the major parties. This is as much about democracy as it is about Brexit.

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