Harrogate Stray

French gypsies on the Harrogate Stray confirm how long they will be there

21 May 2019

A group of French gypsies have parked a circle of around 10 caravans and vehicles on the Harrogate Stray – they arrived on Sunday 19 May 2019.

We spoke to them this morning and asked them who they are and how long they will be there.

They describe themselves as French gypsies and have said they will be there for 1-week.

They were also very friendly to talk to and wanted to emphasise that, like with all walks for life, you get good and bad people.

The whole area was clean.

They also requested we didn’t post images of them or the caravans.


  1. this is a joke! How can they dictate when they are going to leave? It’s a different matter when we want to put on events on the Stray – it ‘s no all the way. In my view we should stop the ridiculous bank holiday fairs and start using the Stray for everyone.

    • “stop the ridiculous bank holiday fairs and start using the Stray for everyone”

      everyone except perfectly polite gypsies, kids attending fairs and families out on the bank holiday? I would guess you are a Brexiteer with all of that pent-up, directionless anger aimed at anyone not like you!

      • Paul you need to wind your Brexit neck in . There are restrictions on the use of a protected public space such as the stray and they apply to all . Irrespective of race creed or colour . Free camping which is exactly what they are doing is not permitted .
        Post your address and I’m sure they will take you up on your offer of somewhere to park next week .
        Laws and legislation to protect public space from misuse are woefully inadequate and any anyone aware of the laws can simply skip from one week to the next infringing those laws without recourse . Harrogate taxpayers cannot camp on the stray , and we pay for its upkeep.
        I would suggest that the council discourages repeat offences ( June 2018) by asking The police to check for infringements and legality . If Anyone from Harrogate were to park their car or camper/ Caravan car on the stray they would expect to receive the full force of the law . May I add Oaul before you get on your high horse again , there are plenty of legal parking spaces around the stray.

  2. Move them on now if I was to pitch a tent on the stray for a night I’m sure I would be moved can’t upset the foreigners can we

      • The stray was given to the people of Harrogate, we are a tourism town, to me Its fair to say they are welclcome for a short while, they are gypsies after all , they park where they like the world over.

  3. How sad that people cannot express their honest views and concerns without being accused of bigotory by some small minded ill informed cretin. Please try and grow up.

    • Cretinous comment yourself, lad. Wise up. If someone’s a tedious reactionary bigot we’re allowed to point it out. If you don’t like it, don’t be one. These people are causing zero harm and will be travelling on in a few days.

  4. The 2 bi annual fun fairs that are held on the stray spring bank holiday and August Bank Holiday are not coming to Harrogate this year. There allocated funfair days on the stray are being used for the uci championships.
    This will be the first time in over 70 years the fairs have not operated on the stray.
    But I think the uci will be great event for the town.

  5. People saying they can stay for a while…. Have you Seen the F****** mess they have made it’s discraseful

  6. I have seen many areas where gypsies/traveller type have stayed and often leave a mess of sorts when leaving.Would the chap Paul agree to clear anything left in his own time to save tax payers money since he seems to have no problem with these law breakers.If we all did what we wanted without consideration for the law it would soon result in anarchy.Lets face it they know the drill and how long they can stay before they can be turfed off so no need for any sympathy here.Last year there were about 15/20 caravans turned up in Harrogate with French and other country plates leaving bags of rubbish and filth after they had used the bushes as a toilet.Disgusting behaviour considering anyone including young children regularly use the area,council workers turned up to clean the area a day or so later at our expense if my memory is correct .I also witnessed a traditional gypsy caravan turn up and within 5 minutes the occupant ripped off a very large tree branch after a struggle,it broke off with the sound like a crack of thunder,I couldn’t believe my eyes!..I immediately rang the police but unaware of any action taken,however if you or I had done this we would be appearing in court and paying a hefty fine no doubt .Before any ‘lefty’ chips in with a snipe may I state I don’t nail my colours to any political mast but have a feeling that misfit Corbyn would probably feel at home amongst these folks fighting for their side.

  7. They’re not doing any harm and will be gone soon. People do like to complain in this town don’t they ?

  8. So sick of these far left PC people. Calling everyone racist and virtue signalling at every opportunity. Acting outraged. They are mostly narcissists who need to feed to get their narcissistic supply, and this is how they do it.

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