Harrogate woman fined more than £1,000 and banned for drink driving

20 December 2018

A motorist has been fined more than £1,000 and banned from the roads for a year after she was arrested during North Yorkshire’s Christmas drink and drug driving campaign.

Camila Ruddy, 31, from Pannal near Harrogate, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court today.

She was stopped by officers on the A658 near Knaresborough just after 1am on 8 December 2018. When they carried out breath tests, she blew 41ug/100ml. The legal limit is 35ug.

Magistrates ordered her to pay £1,038 in costs, with £85 costs and a £103 victim surcharge.

They also banned her from driving for 12 months.

North Yorkshire Police officers are currently taking part in a county-wide drink and drug driving campaign, with stop checks taking place around the clock. They are also using intelligence to target known offenders.

Speaking after the hearing, Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton said this year’s North Yorkshire campaign highlights the fact that everyone can play a role in preventing drink driving.

Sergeant Andy Morton said:

It might be by keeping an eye on mates when they’re out having a drink, or ordering them a taxi and making sure they don’t get behind the wheel if you think they’ve had one too many,” he said

Preventing them from driving in the first place could well save a life. Alternatively it could be by sharing information with us about someone who is drink or drug driving so we can stop a tragedy before it happens.

We see the horrific consequences of drink or drug driving first-hand. If you saw what we see, you’d definitely report a drink or drug driver.


More than 70 drivers have been arrested since the campaign began on 1 December 2018, and more than 20 have now had court dates set.


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