Crimple Valley campaigner Steve Norman in front of the barn at Crimple House Farm
Crimple Valley campaigner Steve Norman in front of the barn at Crimple House Farm

Campaign Launched to save “Middle Crimple Valley” from developer’s diggers

5 December 2018

Campaigners against building on Harrogate’s Crimple Valley are now fighting developers on a third front.

An outline application has been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council for ten homes at Crimple House Farm, on the southern end of Hornbeam Park, as well as a full application to convert a barn into three dwellings.

And, should these be sanctioned by planners, campaigners fear it will give the green light to house builders anxious to develop the length and breadth of the Crimple Valley – a Special Landscape Area (SLA).

It is known that one house builder, who is already in advanced discussions with planning officers, is seeking to build a further 60 “executive homes” on grazing land adjacent to Crimple House Farm.


Crimple Valley, Harrogate
Crimple Valley



Harrogate resident Steve Norman, who is leading this campaign, said:

Yet again the very future of the Crimple Valley is under threat from developers.

Crimple House Farm, which sits in ‘Middle Crimple Valley’, is totally the wrong location for a residential development. It lies on the edge of one of the town’s most important green spaces and is on the edge of a business park.

The Crimple Valley is now under threat at three different points; Pannal, Almsford Bank and now this site. If planners approve this development it will open the door to the concreting over of the whole valley.

This cannot be allowed to happen and I’m urging everyone who values and appreciates what makes Harrogate unique to join the fight against the redevelopment of Crimple House Farm.

We have a December 21 deadline to make our feelings known and I’m urging everyone who cares about our town to support this new fight.


Those wishing to comment about the applications should do so before Friday, December 21, by visiting the below websites links:



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  1. About time they developed crumple valley rather than the north side of Harrogate seeing as most people work in Leeds and York. Crumple valley is close to the bypass and other major links

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