ARCH Manager Tony Pardoe
ARCH Manager Tony Pardoe

ARCH Resolution step-in after Relate closes, but they need your support

26 October 2018

Harrogate charity ARCH Resolution is looking to help families in need of counselling following the demise of Relate Mid-Yorkshire.

Relate stopped providing counselling in Harrogate, York and Leeds recently leaving many clients with nowhere to turn for support – and ARCH Resolution are preparing to step in and help.

ARCH opened in April 2014 with the support of Harrogate Borough Council providing £35K for the first three years.

ARCH Manager Tony Pardoe said:

When we started we worked on conflict resolution and anger management, often with young people and across neighbours, communities and families.

We could see that the biggest impact we were having was when we worked with young people.

We are now looking to expand and offer a, unique to the area, support combination of mediation and therapeutic help.

ARCH has been joined by a number of ex-Relate counsellors to continue supporting families throughout the area and is appealing for extra funds to help it fill the gap.

They need donations totalling just £5,000 from local businesses and individuals to kick-start the project.



Tony Pardoe said:

We believe ARCH is well placed to extend our work in schools and in the community to help fill the gap left by the unfortunate closure of Relate.

We really want to support those families who have been left without counselling, but to do so we’re going to need help.

We’re asking local businesses and individuals to fill the funding gap in the short term until the service becomes self-reliant.


Charlotte Monck, who has worked as a counsellor for Relate for 10 years, said:

I am extremely concerned for the families and young people who were working with Relate Mid-Yorkshire’s counsellors.

It can take time to establish a trusting relationship and as the counselling was ended abruptly, it could lead to potentially damaging consequences.


If you can help, call Tony Pardoe on 01423 546227 or 07775 562038 or email



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