Harrogate Water is teeing off to help make the Sky Sports British Masters the most environmentally sustainable ever with all PET bottles being recycled into new bottles.

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Spring is the official water of the European Tour being hosted by England’s Justin Rose at Walton Heath on October 11 – 14 and is working with the organisers and recycling partners to eliminate waste.

One hundred dedicated bins will be installed to capture used PET bottles, which will be taken for recycling to Cleantech in Lincolnshire, a UK re-processor, owned by Pastipak, capable of producing food-grade recycled PET (rPET).

Since June, PET bottles of Spring have been made using more than 50 per cent recycled content, sourced from Cleantech. The switch will result in a reduction of 1,250 tonnes in greenhouse emissions per year.


HArrogate Water

brand manager Nicky Cain said:

We are thrilled to be involved in making the 2018 Sky Sports British Masters the most sustainable ever and an example of best practice.

All our PET bottles are 100 per cent recyclable, including cap and label, which means all used bottles collected will be taken to Cleantech and can return as new bottles of Harrogate Spring as part of our commitment to using greater than 50 per cent recycled content.

PET bottles are easily recyclable and should never go to landfill or incineration. Recycling is the here-and-now solution to avoiding waste and creating a sustainable circular economy.


Taha Gomaa of the European Tour said:

Recycling is an important part of our waste management and we are proud that our official water supplier is leading the bottled water industry in recyclability and use of recycled material.

This is the first time we have been able to return bottles for recycling for them to return again as new bottles and is only possible because of the use by of more than 50 per cent recycled content.

In addition, Harrogate Water has produced a video to be shown at the to support its Incredible Shrinking Bottle recycling campaign with Keep Britain Tidy. The video encourages people to ‘Twist it, Cap it, Recycle it’.

Harrogate Spring will be available for competitors, press, hospitality visitors and spectators throughout the event.



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