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Report shows shocking increase in reported crime in the Harrogate District, including a 179% increase in Starbeck vehicle crime


A report being discussed at the Harrogate Borough Council, Overview and Scrutiny Committee has shown a shocking increase in crime across the Harrogate District.

The report compared reported crime in 2017 and 2018, during the period of 1 January to 31 August in each year.

  • Reported burglary up by up 12.78%
  • Reported drugs offences up 21.21%
  • Reported shoplifting up 6.54%
  • Reported vehicle offences up 84%
  • Violence and sexual offences up 38.5%

Mention is made on a number occasions that Low Harrogate having the highest reported offences and Starbeck a shocking 179% increase in vehicle crime.

Low Harrogate remains  the ward with the highest number of reported incidents for burglary in both periods.

Low Harrogate remains the ward with highest number of reported drugs offences.

Washburn ward saw a decrease of 73.5% in the average number of recorded drugs offences.

Low Harrogate remains the ward with the highest recorded number of shoplifting incidents for both periods.

Starbeck ward also saw a 179%  increase in the average number of reported vehicle incidents between both periods.

Low Harrogate remains the ward with the highest average number of reported incidents of violence and sexual offences

North Yorkshire Police have not adopted the ward boundary changes made in May 2018, the wards areas indicated are those before those changes.

Inspector Penny Taylor will discuss the report at the Overview and Scrutiny meeting on the 1 October 2018.




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