Travellers take residence on Harrogate Stray

A number of travellers have taken up residence on the middle-section of the Stray (18 June 2018)

We have spoken to them this evening and they have said that they have intentions in being there for 3 or 4 days only.

Harrogate Borough Council have said that they intend to start eviction proceedings in the morning, a process that takes 5 days.



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6 thoughts on “Travellers take residence on Harrogate Stray

  1. This must be done straight away. If we let travellers stay on the stray, more will come next time and the stray will be ruined. It will also harm the reputation of Harrogate and people will not come as much. The council can not let this happen. 5 days? Move them in now. An alternative site for the few days they wish to stay out of town could be found.

  2. The stray will be ruined? It was dug up during WW2 and once it had a racecourse on it! I’m sure a couple of caravans aren’t going to ruin it! As for Harrogate’s reputation ….. reputation as what, being a welcoming multi cultural happy place to live with no homelessness, drug issues or problems of any kind?!! Rose tinted specs!

  3. Fine the thieving gypsies just as any hard working tax payer would be fined if they decided to create an unauthorized camp on the stray.

  4. @ Liz Ryan.
    Why don’t you offer to have them stay in your garden?
    You have made the most ridiculous and frankly thick comment I’ve r ad in a long time!!!

  5. Its a field. That now and again has a fair on it, from what i can see. Stop alienating the travellors and perhaps provide waste bins and they will move on quicker than you can blink. They are travellors after all. Put your pitchforks away.

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