New Park Primary School look to setup a Community Learning Farm

New Park Primary School in Harrogate have announced plans  to develop part of their playing fields int a Community Learning Farm, opening the area up for use by the wider community.

Robert Mold is the Headteacher at New Park Primary Academy.

Robert Mold said:

We are fortunate at New Park to have such a large playing field and are always looking at ways to make better use of it.

Our gardening club have recently started planting in a small allotment area and this has encouraged us to think about how the local community could benefit from this space.

We would like to use the banked parts of the field for a community learning farm, which would grow over time and be open to the community at weekends and holidays.



New Park School in Harrogate
New Park School in Harrogate
New Park School in Harrogate
New Park School in Harrogate


The field is just along the Skipton Road from the School and is surrounded by houses and the main road. Access is through a gate.

Robert Mold said:

As the area is completely separate from the school, it allows us to use the area with the community without any security risks to the school.

The plans being considered are to use it for both growing vegetables and keeping some animals – it will be like a city farm, just in Harrogate.

The main field will remain in the centre from sports with the farm taking the more sloping space around it.


The initial plans are to have chickens and goats, but they will be introduced in consideration with the housing around the field


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New Park Playing Fields
New Park Playing Fields
The fence will be replaced and tree-line planted
The fence will be replaced and tree-line planted


The aim is for the project to be self-supporting, being financially self-sufficient, just with support from the school.

The school are viewing it as a valuable addition to the school and learning.

Robert Mold said:

In Yorkshire we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best quality food in the country – it is good to be able to involve the children in that and encourage them to grow things for themselves.

For now we are asking for people to complete our brief online survey and for any interested parties to talk to us.

We are particularly keen to hear from those in the local community who are interested in helping to manage and run the farm on a day-to-day basis.

The Woodland Trust are donating trees to screen the road off and we are intending to apply for a Lottery Grant.

But longer term, the area would benefit from a small building and we hope it could support a member of staff to run it.


North Park Playing Fields


To take part in the consultation go to





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One thought on “New Park Primary School look to setup a Community Learning Farm

  1. This was ‘Woody’s Field’ when I was a kid in the 50’s .. apart from the quarry and the gasworks, it was our place to play. Mr Wood, the owner, would chase us off when he was there !!

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