Willow Tree SATS Breakfast gains a sponsor

Willow Tree SATS Breakfast gains a sponsor


Year 6 children from Willow Tree Primary School in Harrogate began each day of their SATS last week with a fantastic breakfast donated by Morrisons.

The Starbeck branch of Morrisons kindly provided four days worth of breakfast for the children involved to ensure they had a great start to the day with an energising breakfast and a chance to relax alongside their friends and teachers. Lydia Hellewell, Community Champion at Starbeck Morrisons, was keen to find ways in which the store could support the school.

Lydia Hellewell said:

Obviously SATS week puts huge pressure on the children and unfortunately not all children will eat breakfast before they go to school, so what better way to help our community to ensure that at least 80 students from the Harrogate area have a suffice and fun breakfast each day before embarking in these very important tests.



Willow Tree SATS Breakfast gains a sponsor


Staff from the Year 6 at Willow Tree said:

It has been fantastic to see our children come together and relax for what can be a challenging week. They have risen to the challenge, and spending 40 minutes with them every morning has shown all staff how close they are as a year group and how they want each other to achieve. We are all so proud of them! Thank you to Morrisons and Lydia for organising the food, it wouldn’t be a success without their help. They have ensured that are children have lots of energy and focus going into tests. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.


The children involved agreed, with Amelie saying: it made us come together and help each other and realise we aren’t alone in feeling a little nervous!’  Others commented that, ‘it has helped us have a break before SATS, relax with friends, give us energy and we want to say a big thank you to Morrisons!’ (Fin, Thomas, Theo, Moore and Murray)




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