Briary Harrogate
Briary Harrogate

“Radical” review of mental health beds in Harrogate, but all could go

15 March 2018

Tees, Esk and Wear NHS FT says that Harrogate has a higher level of mental health admission and there is now an opportunity for a radical change following a review.

Sarah Gill, Locality Manager, Tees, Esk and Wear NHS FT, spoke at the Harrogate Area Committee today (15 March 2018). She said that they had pressed “pause” on the plans for a new-build facility on Beckwith Head Road, while they undertook a review.

The new facility on Beckwith Road would have had 36 inpatient beds along with a 64 bed dementia care home.

Sarah Gill said that they had been running engagement sessions for both staff and the public and there are two further engagement sessions planned. A decision on the future will be based on the feedback from the sessions.

Concern was raised at the meeting that York may become the preferred location for care and that would cause patients in the remoter locations, such as Pateley Bridge, problems. This was seen as a particular problem for those needing dementia care. Sarah Gill said she was aware of the issue.



Cllr Richard Cooper pressed Sarah Gill if in-patient care will remain in the Harrogate District.

Talking about the if mental health beds would all be lost, Sarah Gill said:

A decision has not been made, but it is a possibility.


Cllr Jim Clarke is the chair of the Scrutiny of Help and said that the “pause” gave an opportunity as mental health care had not be dealt with properly for years.

Cllr Clarke continued saying that Harrogate spends less on mental health than in other areas and if Tees, Esk and Wear NHS FT did withdraw inpatient beds for mental health care then it was likely something that the Scrutiny of Health would refer to the Secretary of State. That had previously happened with paediatric care at the Friarage and heart surgery in Leeds.



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  1. Local mental health beds are vital for the recovery of patients.. The recovery relies a lot on the support of family and friends and local networking and a shorter stay in Hospital would in the long term save the NHS a lot of money.

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