Starbeck, Harrogate crossing
Starbeck Harrogate

Driving ban for man who jumped Starbeck level crossing

2 February 2018

A man who drove through red lights at a level crossing in Harrogate has been banned from driving for six months.

Mohammed Saeed of Harlow Road in Bradford drove his Toyota Yaris car straight through a red light signal at Starbeck Level Crossing in Harrogate on the 24 August last year.

Saeed, age 51, appeared at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court on 25 January after he pleaded guilty to the offence. He was ordered to pay £415 in fines, court costs and surcharges and will have six points on his license once he resumes driving following his ban.

PC David Know said:

Mr Saeed’s actions were extremely dangerous; he risked being struck by a train when he jumped the red light. Not only did his impatient and reckless actions risk his own life but the lives of everyone on board the train that was travelling through at the time.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of following signals at level crossings. They are place for a reason, to keep people safe and indicate to drivers that a train is approaching. Is jumping the lights to save a few seconds really worth risking your life?




  1. If he jumped the light just before the barriers came down he couldn’t have been anywhere near being struck by the train. I spend half my life sat behind those barriers before the train comes past. It is a joke !

  2. 13 seconds from the time the guard pushes the button to activate the lights to the barrier coming down I believe this officer is guilding the lilly somewhat. In addition the barriers are down way way too long before a train appears this causes a lot more frustration so unless they sort that out a lot more will try beat the lights. The rail authorities are more to blame

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