Planning Inspectorate dismisses Harrogate College appeal to build 89 houses and sports pitch


The Planning Inspectorate has dismissed Harrogate College’s appeal to build 89 houses and a sports pitch.

The proposed development is described as a hybrid planning application seeking outline planning permission for up to 89 dwellings (with all matters reserved except for access) and detailed permission for an all-weather sports pitch with associated access, car parking, open space, landscaping, drainage infrastructure and demolition of buildings

The application Ref 16/01739/OUTMAJ, dated 29 April 2016, was refused by Harrogate Borough Council on a notice dated 21 November 2016.



The reason for dismissing the appeal from the Planning Inspectorate.

I consider that the main issues in this case are: the effect of the proposed all weather pitch (AWP) on the character and appearance of the area, with particular reference to the Crimple Valley Special Landscape Area and Hookstone Valley Green Wedge; and, whether the appeal scheme would make adequate provision for infrastructure needs arising from the proposed residential development, with particular reference to educational facilities.

The appeal for outline planning refusal can be read here Appeal Decision 3176152




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