Harrogate man blows nearly four times legal limit for alcohol in Summer drink and drug drive campaign

6 June 2017

North Yorkshire Police launched this year’s summer drink and drug driving campaign on Thursday 1 June 2017 and already police have  made 11 arrests for drink driving and six arrests for drug driving.

Eight of those arrested for drink driving provided a positive breath test of over twice the legal limit.

The highest reading of the first five days of the campaign was provided by a 36-year-old man from Harrogate who was stopped on the A61, thanks to a report from a member of the public.  Police stopped his transit van and conducted a roadside breath test, where he blew 136ug per 100ml of breath, just under four times the legal limit. He has been charged to court and will appear in front of Harrogate Magistrates later this month.



Commenting on the results so far, Sgt Andy Morton of the Roads Policing Group said: Already at this early stage of the campaign, it’s disappointing to see that some drivers continue to ignore the warnings and pay no attention to the safety of other road users.

Its also sad to see the alarming trend of drivers being multiple times the legal limit is continuing. So far over 70% of those arrested have blown in excess of 70ug, twice the legal limit.

Last week, when we kicked the campaign off, we gave clear warnings to those who choose to drink and drug drive, North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group are patrolling and will be targeting those who drive whilst over the limit. Officers are on the roads and equipped to find you, arrest you and send you to court.

We remain committed to getting these dangerous drivers off the road.


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