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Helen Flynn PPC for the Liberal Democrats

Harrogate Liberal Democrats land in hot water after asking for people to “share little bits about Andrew Jones MP” on social media


The Harrogate Liberal Democrats have stepped into controversy after suggesting that people come forward to share “little bits about Andrew Jones MP”

The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate said at her campaign launch event:

“On Facebook I need people who are very active on Facebook. Who can work to transmit messages I can give them about … erm … little bits about Andrew Jones and other things to do with what Liberal Democrats are doing coz that’s the way to convince groups like Grumblr and Mumblr … in Harrogate. I can’t do it myself – it’s too obvious.”

After challenging Helen Flynn about the statement, she has sought to dumb down the significance of the statement and said that she was not advocating trolling of Andrew Jones MP.


Commenting on the statement, Helen Flynn, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough said:

My aim throughout this General Election campaign is to persuade voters in Harrogate and Knaresborough that I would be a better choice for MP than the incumbent. Indeed on my first leaflet, I make this point very clearly on the front page. To me the job of an MP is about representing constituents well and being transparent and accountable. I believe that constituents are entitled to know the details about how an MP has voted and what percentage of the time they vote with Government. I believe that this information should be made freely available at all times but very obvious at election times, as it must form part of the judgement of voters. I also believe that this should be made available through a variety of channels, as people receive their news in different ways. Facebook is one such channel.



This a video of the comments that were made (the video is of low quality)


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