Conservative gains in North Yorkshire County Council election results


The Conservatives have gained 10 seats in North Yorkshire following the County Elections.

From the 72 seats in the North Yorkshire County Council elections count held today, the state of the parties is (figures in brackets are the pre-election totals):

  • Conservative, 55 seats, (45)
  • Independent, 10 seats (11)
  • Labour, 4 seats (7)
  • Liberal Democrat, 3 seats, (5)
  • UK Independence Party, 0 seats (2)
  • Liberal, 0 seats (2)

Turnout across North Yorkshire was 35.34%, with an increase on the turnout across all districts.



The majority party will meet next week to elect a Leader, who will then nominate portfolio holders for the Executive.  The newly-elected council will meet for the first time on Wednesday 17 May, when members will be asked to ratify the names of the Leader, Deputy Leader, and Executive Members.

A breakdown of the detailed results is available online via

A total of 262 candidates put themselves forward for election.  This was made up of 72 Conservative candidates, 65 Labour, 40 Liberal Democrats, 38 Green Party, 24 UKIP, 17 Independent, 4 Liberal and 2 Yorkshire party.

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