Travellers take up residence on Crowberry Drive in Harrogate

28 April 2017

A number of traveller vehicles and caravans have pitched-up on an area of land adjacent to Crowberry Drive in Harrogate – 27 April 2017.

There are around 20 caravans on the land and Harrogate Borough Council have said they are aware of the issue and looking to take action.

A Harrogate Borough Council spokesperson said: We are aware that a number of travellers have taken up residence on council owned land off Crowberry Drive in Harrogate. Officers will be visiting the location today to gather information, and will commence proceedings to regain possession of the land.

Harrogate HG3 2UF, UK



  1. I have just been reliably informed that there is now human faeces/toilet paper strewn over the site and last night they were seen grovelling under the children’s play equipment further up stream – looking for nuts and bolts?
    If they were on the Stray they would have been shifted by now!

  2. Unfortunately they will know all the loopholes.Im sure if any normal resident drove a vehicle and caravan onto the area it would result in a court appearance and fine.As far as I can see the vehicles all have foreign plates including Poland & Lithuania.Please Harrogate Council fence the area off or erect bollards/obstacles to prevent vehicular access.Lets hope the situation is solved pronto, without rubbish and mess being left to be cleared at the ratepayers expense

  3. I am in total agreement with the person who wants fencing and bollards put up to prevent a reoccurrence of this sort of thing, Like they said if we behaved like this and littering the place with toilet paper and poo, we would be fined and dragged through the courts by now. It is a playing field for children “NOT A CAR PARK” If there is a lot of cleaning up to do charge them or confiscate belongings to cover the cost, Then fence off all opened areas to prevent this again.

  4. So… there we have an offence ! Exposing ones backside in public to do a number “2” and urinating in a public place!! If the powers that be are so scared of political correctness crap or racial “persecution” surely these are criminal offences that will get them moved? Why can’t they go on proper campsites like everyone else? The laws should be adjusted so that camping on council land is illegal!

  5. The council should be astute enough to realise that getting the eviction notice and the getting rid takes at least a week. However, that is specific to that site. So they should be putting boulders down around the entrances to local parks to stop vehicle access. May cost a grand or so, but will save so much in court fees/ time.

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