Harrogate Borough Council to rake in a further £1/4 million on planning applications

will rake in a further £260,000 after they decided to increase charges around applications.

Currently the Council takes in around £1.4million in planning application fees.

HBC were made aware that Central Government were allowing local councils to increase charges associated with planning applications on the 21 February 2017.

Due to a deadline to register  an increase by 13 March 2017, last week a change was rushed through by the Leader of the Council, and Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainable Transport, Rebecca Burnett.

In the decision notice published, HBC cited “This would be a missed opportunity to invest in expanding the capacity within the HBC planning service during a period when major planning applications are expected to rise” although this doesn’t make sense as an increase in planning applications would mean an increase in income from planning applications.


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