John Harris, Liz Charnley and Les Parkes
Liz Charnley, John Harris and Les Parkes

Open Britain National Brexit Day of Action in Harrogate

11 March 2017

Open Britain mobilised on Saturday (11 March 2017) their half million supporters nationally to come out and call for the best possible terms to be negotiated as Brexit is triggered.

The group is warning of the potential threat to trade and jobs, and the reliance on EU nationals to the UKs vital services.

In Harrogate local supporters handed out hundreds of leaflets to shoppers in the town centre

John Harris said: The triggering of the Brexit negotiations is now the political reality.

The interests of the UK (and just think of Northern Ireland and Scotland) mean that we all need to work together to achieve the best possible deal for the country as we leave the European Union.

Open Britain believes that awareness is needed of the massive issues affecting every aspect of our national life and of the need for pragmatism to protect our interests and to achieve the best possible deal.




  1. We voted to leave the eu and the single market!!! Forgoodness sake accept this we are supposed to be a democratic country!!!

    • No the vote was to leave the EU, there were no details provided. For many this was about immigration and perceived control being in Brussels rather than Westminster. Ramifications were not considered.
      It is essential that we maintain tariff-free barriers to allow trade with the UK’s single most important market. Otherwise jobs and standards of living will be adversely affected for many years to come.

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