Vandalism in the Nidd Gorge

Vandalism in the Nidd Gorge

1 February 2017

In 2016 the Bilton Conservation Group in Harrogate, created a section of boardwalk from the busy Millennium Path into Bilton Fields, Nidd Gorge.

It runs alongside a naturally surfaced path which is adequate in dry weather, but becomes a sea of mud when it’s wet – the new boardwalk provided an alternative short section of dry boards to walk on.


Nidd Gorge Walks
The walkway, shortly after it was installed


Keith Wilkinson MBE, Bilton Conservation Group, said:

Over the last three weeks vandals have seen fit to wreck the groups best efforts and stamp the boards to matchwood.

On Friday,  3 February 2017, between 09.00-11.00 a small team of volunteers will strip back the damage, run reinforcing 2×2 timber down the centre and screw down new boards – the whole structure will be twice as strong as the original and should withstand further attacks!


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