Jackie Green Dog House Harrogate
Jackie Green outside the Dog House Café near Harrogate

Dog House Café, where dogs get served before humans


A café for dogs and not just humans has opened near Harrogate.

The dog house café is on the junction of the Skipton Road and Burley Bank, that’s the junction just past the Nelson pub.

Jackie Green has run a café there for many years, with her husband running an adjacent firewood log business. Jackie says that an opportunity came up to take additional space and saw a demand for a dog friendly space.

Visitors do the Dog House can expect to be served before their humans. There’s a menu just for the dogs, along with the normal menu for their humans. Mucky dogs can also make use of the free towels to dry off and there is even a fire for them to sit in front of to warm up.


Jackie Green said: We have been running the original café for over 7-years now – it has been very successful. The opportunity came up in an adjacent building and we thought that we would  make a great a dog-friendly café.

We asked people what they would like, so have included not just hooks to tie your dog to, but a bed underneath so they have somewhere comfortable to be.

We wanted to make it much more than just a building, somewhere special to bring your pet.

We welcome all dogs, as long as their owners are well behaved!



Jackie Green, Max green, Teddy Griffin (front), Iris griffin and Evie Griffin
Jackie Green, Max green, Teddy Griffin (front), Iris griffin and Evie Griffin

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