2 Miles Under a horror film based on fracking

14 September 2016

The filming of 2 Miles Under has just completed, with filming taking places in many locations near Harrogate and York.

It is described as a  short thriller film with a twist in the tale, about the effect fracking has on some of the people in a picturesque English village.

The production has been crowd funded with donations of over £5,000 received.

Dave Thorp and Velton Lishke are the key people making the film happen. They are not new in working together, having worked on the Happiness of Larry, a short film based in Harrogate. A film that was very well received and one of the most shared news items we have run, that demonstrates the high regard the public has for it.

Director Dave Thorp is from York and has a strong background in  films and documentaries.

Velton Lishke is from Harrogate and is producer and lead actor in the production.


2 miles under
On set near York filming some of the opening scenes

The video is a thriller, based around the environmental impact of fracking and how planning permission was granted. It’s a thriller, rather than a documentary, although it touches on events that they believe could happen in real life.

Dave Thorpe said:

A drama gives us more freedom in what we do without so many legal ramifications.

For me I was appalled that there were so many people against fracking in the area, yet despite that fact the Council still approved the fracking plans.

A lot of people don’t really know about fracking and the consequences.

The film is a thriller or a horror as when some of the consequences effect the community then it becomes very frightening.


See the video with some background footage with Dave Thorpe and Velton Lishke talking about the production.



The film will be released in December 2016.

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