Natalie Witwham from Knaresborough
Natalie Witwham from Knaresborough

Local nurse to take part in Great North Run for charity


Natalie Witwham from Knaresborough has worked in a District Nursing team as a Community Staff Nurse with Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust for the last two years.

Her experience of caring for people with terminal illnesses has inspired her to take part in the Great North Run for the first time on 11 September 2016 to raise funds for Marie Curie.

  • Marie Curie provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families.
  • They have been carrying out this  work for over 65 years
  • Last year alone cared for over 40,000 people across the UK

Natalie explains:

As part of my role, I have the privilege of nursing patients in end of life care and organising packages to support them. Invariably, one of the most difficult decisions for patients is where they would like to spend their final few weeks or days.

Some people have massive support networks from family and friends while others are totally alone. Regardless of their situation, people who chose to die at home require the support services of health professions including District Nurses, Nurse Specialists, GP’s and Marie Curie Nurses. As people become increasingly unwell, they require complex medication, symptom management and emotional support.

When a patient requires additional care, for example, during the night we will often call on the services of Marie Curie Nurses. It is their role to keep the patient comfortable; and provide company, support and reassurance in the darkest of hours while family can get some much needed rest.

All the Marie Curie services are free so the Charity relies heavily on charitable donations. There is a continued need to raise funds which is why I’m taking part in the Great North Run to help support such a worthy cause. I want to know that this service will continue to be available when required as everyone deserves a dignified death.


Liz Howlett, Fundraiser Manager, added:

All fundraising endeavours from local people are greatly appreciated by Marie Curie and have a huge impact on the level of care we are able to offer people living with a terminal illness. Every £20 raised pays for an hour of nursing care, giving peace of mind and a chance for family to rest. We’d like to extend our immense thanks to Natalie and wish her success for the run.

If you would like to support Natalie by making a donation then please visit

If you are interested in finding out about hosting your own event, taking part in a fundraising activity or volunteering for Marie Curie then please contact Liz Howlett on 01904 755260 or email

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