Marcus Doyle and Warren Booth - owners of the Yorkshire Soap Company
Marcus Doyle and Warren Booth - owners of the Yorkshire Soap Company

Yorkshire Soap Company to open in Knaresborough

29 July 2016

The Yorkshire Soap Company are opening their 5th shop on Castlegate in Knaresborough.

The business was founded in 2004 by Marcus Doyle and Warren Booth. They are an independent business, with shops in York, Leeds, Beverley and Hebden Bridge, selling handmade soap products.

They have developed a reputation for patisserie soaps being sold from stylish shops. All soaps are suitable for vegetarians, not tested on animals and made from their soap kitchen in York.

The Yorkshire Soap Company

Marcus Doyle said:

We chose Knaresborough due to the many holidays and weekends away I have very found memories of the town, having been there with the family as a child.

But Knaresborough has been on the cards for a long time, we needed to find the right location, and the righ shop in particular too – the inside has to feel right!

We are excited to be part of every day life within Knaresborough, and every time we visit we can feel a real community spirit.

This development is our 2nd shop to open this year, and 5th overall. For the business it means positive growth, and ultimately more and more wonderful customers who can treat themselves to our soaps and bath products!

The Knaresborough shop opens on 5 August 2016.

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  1. I should think some sort of tie-in with Betty’s Tea Room could prove beneficial. Perhaps a small selection suitably placed could provide exposure to this similar clientele. The soaps are beautiful and the quality looks superb.

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