Additional signs erected near Buttersyke Bar roundabout following accidents

6 July 2016

North Yorkshire County Council is taking action to try to reduce the number of accidents at a Harrogate junction.

Over the past three years, there have been eight accidents at the junction of the A61 Harrogate Road and Burn Bridge Lane in which people were injured, as well as a number of damage-only accidents.

In seven of the injury accidents police reports identified failure to signal or a misleading signal as a contributory factor.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Highways, said:

On some cars, the left-hand indicator fails to cancel after the car exits Buttersyke Bar Roundabout. This can create a problem at the Burn Bridge Lane junction when motorists wishing to join the A61 pull out into traffic upon seeing the indicator, but the vehicle on the A61 is heading into Harrogate and doesn’t intend to turn off.

We are investigating possibilities for a long-term solution to this issue, but in the meantime we will be erecting signs within the next week to remind drivers to cancel their indicators after leaving the roundabout.

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK


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  1. This also happens as traffic comes off Harrogate’s New Park roundabout and heads up Skipton Road. I’ve had a couple of times recently where I’ve nearly pulled out of Knox Avenue as cars coming up the hill were signalling left, only to find they had failed to cancel the indicator and were going straight on.

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