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13 May 2016

An automotive expert will swap cars for an aeroplane as he takes to the sky to celebrate his 40th birthday later this month.

Matt Brogden, a service manager at Sytner Volkswagen in Harrogate, will fulfil his lifelong ambition to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet on his 40th Birthday.

The skydive will take place on 29th May 2016 in Bridlington as part of Matt’s birthday celebrations but will also double up as an opportunity to raise money for the daughter of a family friend that is desperately in need of surgery.

Matthew Brogden said:

I was thrilled to receive my skydive experience as a birthday present. No doubt I will be nervous on the actual day but at the moment I am really looking forward to it.

My tandem jump is not just a dream come true for me and a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday, it will also help to raise money for my friends’ daughter Grace.

Age four, Grace was born with a congenital heart defect that meant she had to undergo heart surgery when she was three months old followed by full repair surgery at 18 months old. Sadly she suffered a stroke and was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Grace was born with a congenital heart defect
Grace was born with a congenital heart defect

The cerebral palsy has left her with tight leg muscles that cause her pain and make it difficult for her to do simple activities that most people take for granted. She struggles with dressing herself, climbing stairs, walking, running and often wakes in the night due to terrible leg cramps.

Grace’s family discovered a lifeline that could make life a little easier however, the procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy is not available on the NHS leaving them with no alternative other than to raise the £60,000 needed to send Grace to St. Louis Children’s hospital in Missouri, America.

Matt added:

Getting the chance to jump from an aeroplane and raise money for Grace’s appeal is the opportunity of a lifetime and I would like to thank everyone at Sytner Volkswagen in Harrogate for their support.


Kevin Howe, Brand Manager at Sytner Volkswagen Harrogate said:

Matt is a valued member of our team and we are very proud of his efforts to raise money for Grace. He is really looking forward to the jump and we all hope that he enjoys the jump of his special day.

To support Matt in his bid to raise funds for Grace visit: Matt’s just Giving page:

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