Woodfield School hosts its very first bubble run

1 May 2016

Bubble run magic makes it to Woodfield Community Primary School in Harrogate.

Despite the looming bad weather Woodfield School has had a great success with its first bubble run.

The event was held at Woodfield School and demonstrated the support the school has. Although the weather was far from ideal, lead by the Parents at Woodfield group, the whole school pulled together and made the event happen with just a few changes.

There was a fun, non-competitive obstacle course that started in the main hall with one of the obstacles being a mountain of foam from a foam machine.


Headteacher, Lucy Patrick said:

We were worried about the forecast rain, but on the day it didn’t seem to really matter. We just modified the plans a little and started the route in the main hall to give a place to warm up, get a drink and a cake.

The P@WS – Parents@Woodfield School have done a great job pulling this all together, with a lot of time both before and on the day.

Also, we are pleased to be putting all the money from this event to the Bilton Gala funds so they can be used in the local community.


Graham Hyde, Chair of the Governing Body said:

This is just one of a number of events the school organises and this one proved to be a another big success.

The foam machine was a lot of fun and we are definitely thinking about getting that back for another event. The kids loved dancing around in all the foam with huge smiles on their faces.


Billowby Bear helped start the race
Under the cargo net
Iris had great fun!


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