Content agency set for growth as PR firms merge

25 April 2016

A Yorkshire PR and content agency is preparing to expand after announcing its merger with two regional firms.

Harrogate-based content agency The Content Market was launched last year by three former journalists as an alternative to traditional PR agencies.

The company has merged with Haig PR, set up six years ago by Jenni Moulson, and Verve Words, a freelance copywriting and journalism business run by Vicky Carr, to create a single agency. Moulson and Carr are both directors of The Content Market, alongside former journalist Katie Oxtoby.

Katie Oxtoby said the merger would create a £100K turnover business specialising in content marketing and social media management.

Katie said:

We launched The Content Market brand because we believed there was a demand for a more progressive type of PR and marketing agency focused on high quality, journalistic content.

Our predictions proved to be correct and, as we expand our work with businesses and agencies on content strategy and creation, it makes sense to bring everything together and concentrate on developing The Content Market’s brand.

Katie added that the move came as the region’s business owners were becoming confident about investing more of their marketing budget in digital PR.

Katie said:

There’s a real appetite for creativity with many of our clients looking for a combined approach that uses good content, video shorts and visual social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to push their marketing message.

Business owners are realising that regardless of the media they are using – whether it’s press releases, blogs, social media or email newsletters like Mailchimp – the key is to have high quality, engaging content that will connect powerfully with the target audience. With the right content being created on a regular basis, businesses quickly begin to feel a positive impact.

She added that The Content Market planned to grow steadily and organically in the year ahead.

Katie said:

We are conscious of the need to keep our overheads low so that we are not passing costs on to clients, but we anticipate making a number of strategic appointments during 2016 to support growth.

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