Double diploma delight for Harrogate District Hospital Pathologist Kirat

4 April 2016

Harrogate District Hospital Pathologist Kirat Bansal is celebrating three years of intensive study which have led to diplomas in two different disciplines.

The 27-year-old’s first diploma was a Specialist Portfolio in Haematology with Hospital Transfusion Practice, and then a second followed in Biomedical Sciences.

The Pathology Department tests blood and other samples from GP and hospital patients. These tests can assess general state of health, check for infection, examine organ functionality and screen for genetic conditions.

Kirat follows a long list of staff members at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Harrogate District Hospital, who have benefitted from their investment in staff training.

Kirat, from Bradford, has worked in the pathology department through the entirety of her studies. The Trust part funded her studies which were delivered through distance learning at Ulster University.

Not content with her achievements, Kirat intends to further her studies and career progression.

Kirat said:

I have enjoyed the intensive training. I feel like it has widened my knowledge of pathology which should benefit the workplace as well as the patients.

The pathology department currently has two more students working through this programme, who hope to gain a specialist diploma in Biochemistry and the diploma in Biomedical Sciences.

Caroline Smith, Deputy Training Manager of Biomedical/Blood Sciences, has supported Kirat throughout her studies.

Caroline said:

It has been very rewarding seeing Kirat progress and develop over the last three years. As more students progress through the same route, working out training schedules can be challenging for the Blood Sciences team, but seeing the end result is very rewarding. I hope to see more students follow Kirat’s success and see how the flexibility in their training, experience and knowledge benefits the department.


Jeff Walker, Blood Sciences Lab Manager said:

It’s a fantastic achievement for Kirat. On a personal level, we’re all delighted for her, knowing her hard work has paid off. From a managerial perspective, it’s great to see that once again, investment in our staff has ensured we possess an even more flexible and multi-disciplined team in the Pathology Department at the Harrogate District Hospital.

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