Harrogate child contact centre awarded £7,500 by BBC Children in Need

24 March 2016

The Child Contact Centre, based in the West Park Church, in Harrogate have secured £7,500 in funding to help a range of activities for children affected by their parents’ separation.

Separation can impact the lives of children and young people in a number of ways, often wearing away their confidence or causing them to feel alienated from the parent no longer at home.

Not seeing one of their parents can cause the children feelings of stress, unhappiness, depression and guilt which can then be reflected onto other aspects of their life, short and long term.

By securing £7,500 in funding, the organisation will be able to deliver activities such as crafts, quiet games and more physical activities for the children and their parents to encourage positive relationship building in order to prevent future issues.

The news means that BBC Children in Need now funds 19 projects in North Yorkshire, with more than £1million invested to benefit young lives in the area

BBC Children in Need awards grants at seven points during the year, more funding will be pledged to projects in the UK throughout 2016.

Elizabeth Myers, ‎Regional Head of Children in Need in the North of England added:

At BBC Children in Need we fund projects making a tangible difference to young lives. Harrogate Child Contact Centre is a great example of one of our Small Grants in action.

These include anything up to £10,000 across one year and can really demonstrate how relatively small sums of money can have a huge impact.


BBC Children in Need’s Chief Executive, David Ramsden, said:

These grants are all made possible by the amazing work of our supporters.

Whether you’ve dressed up, baked cakes or thrown yourself into a sponsored challenge, every penny raised really helps make a difference to young lives. Thank you all.

BBC Children in Need funds two types of grants; both of which are open to new applicants. A Small Grants Programme includes grants up to and including £10,000, which supports projects for one year, while the Main Grants Programme is for grants over £10,000 per year to support projects for up to three years. Projects working children and young people facing any kind of disadvantage can find out more on how to apply for funding at bbc.co.uk/pudsey/grants

BBC Children in Need relies on the support and creativity of thousands of fundraisers and supporters across the UK who donate their time, money and energy to help raise millions for the Charity. Whether raised by baking cakes, going on rambles, putting on quizzes or taking part in dress up days, every penny goes towards supporting projects right here in the UK.

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