Hard work rewarded for the Brigades at Starbeck

On Saturday 5 March, members of 3rd Boys’ Brigade and 1st Girls’ Brigade took part in the Boys’ Brigade Yorkshire County Battalion Uniformed Competitions.  Competing against Boys Brigade companies from all over Yorkshire.

As part of the competition the young people took part in the Advanced Drill Competition. This competition was against 3 other squads, completing a series of pre-set marching manoeuvres. The standard this year was very high and our squad achieved 1st place in the Advanced Drill, and are now the proud holders of the Battalion and Queen’s Colours.

It was the first time that 3rd Harrogate had entered a drill squad in 10 years so to win it was really unexpected and a testament to the hard work of those who took part, with a contingent of 1st Harrogate Girls Brigade members providing valuable extra numbers to ensure a well turned out and disciplined squad.

As well as this, the boys competed in a Christian faith competition, consisting of 2 sections.  They had to answer a series of questions about three bible passages: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the Arrest of Jesus and The last supper.

They also created a newspaper front sheet portraying an interpretation of the arrest of Jesus, this was prepared in advance of the competition and presented and judged on the day. They secured 3rd place in the Christian faith competition, which was a fantastic effort.

Overall it was a brilliant day for the boys and girls, with the young people achieving so much and enjoying the results of a lot of hard work and practice.

If you know anyone aged between 4 and 18 years old who would like to join the Boys’ or Girls’ Brigade, please contact us by email (thebrigades@hotmail.co.uk) or call Mark on 07793 842369.

See their website www.batshgte.co.uk to find out more.

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