Chris McDonald and Rob Earle sign contract
Chris McDonald and Rob Earle sign contract

Reep Group joins forces with Gtechniq

21 February 2016

Reep Group in Knaresborough has joined forces with Gtechniq to bring high-performance paint protection to dealerships.

A leading high-performance paint protection manufacturer will work in partnership with a prominent dealership solutions provider, in a hope to improve the quality of paint protection offered to customers.

Gtechniq, the brand responsible for the world’s leading composite ceramic paint protection, Crystal Serum, has teamed up with Reep Automotive to roll-out Gtechniq Platinum, a revolutionary paint protection system aimed at car manufacturers and dealerships.

Chris McDonald, CEO at Reep Automotive, said:
A Gtechniq Platinum protected car outperforms the more traditional dealer applied protection systems hands down, in our view it’s certainly the best sealant based system on the market and is guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Gtechniq Platinum is the first dealership system on the market to offer interior antibacterial protection.

The system has been designed specifically for those dealerships that want to improve the service they offer their customers and the quality of the finish of the vehicles that leave the forecourt.

Rob Earle, Gtechniq Managing Director, said:

We’ve been producing surface protection products here at Gtechniq for master detailers, using the latest science and technology, for over 10 years.

Now, we are transferring our expertise to raise the standard of dealer-applied paint protection – which frankly doesn’t have the best of reputations, but 2016 is the year for change.

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