High volume of incidents for Fire Service in Harrogate

29 January 2016

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have dealt with a high volume of calls during today’s day shift (29 January 2016), many related to the bad weather.

Between mid-morning and early afternoon being a particular busy time for Harrogate fire station crews. Due to the volume of calls in the Harrogate area, crews from Acomb were deployed to support incident response in Harrogate.


Summary of Incidents for 29 January 2016


Unsafe vehicle – A1 northbound Leeming to Catterick

Time of call: 0802 hours

A fire crew from Richmond dealt with a 7.5 ton wagon parked at the side of the A1 northbound. Its roof had blown off and landed on the southbound carriageway. The vehicle side structures had become unstable. Crews used strops and triple extension ladder to secure the vehicle whilst it was removed from the road.


Dangerous structure – Westgate Ripon

Time of call: 0810 hours

A crew from Ripon removed rendering from the side of an unsafe chimney stack using a 9m ladder, a 13.5m ladder and a roof ladder.


Dangerous structure – Bridge Street, Helmsley

Time of call: 0859 hours

A crew from Kirkbymoorside was called to reports of a sign in a dangerous position on the side of a commercial property. A full inspection was made and the incident left with the business maintenance team.


Dangerous structure – Tindall Street, Scarborough

Time of call: 0900 hours

A crew from Scarborough removed a 35m length of telephone cable in an unsafe position on the side of building using a 9m ladder and hand tools.


Dangerous structure – Trafalgar Road, Scarborough

Time of call: 0920 hours

A crew from Scarborough removed a chimney pot from a property after it was damaged in the high winds. A 13.5m ladder, a roof ladder and safety harnesses were used.


Electricity pole fire – Morton on Swale

Time of call: 0940 hours

A crew from Northallerton was called to deal with an electricity pole on fire in a field. A dry powder extinguisher was used and the incident was left with Northern Power Grid. The cause is believed to be the high winds.


Dangerous structure – Market Place, Pickering

Time of call: 1044 hours

A crew from Pickering was called to deal with loose roof tiles on a commercial property. A 10.5m ladder, a roof ladder and harnesses were used to remove the tiles.


Chimney fire – Inman Grove, Knaresborough

Time of call: 1044 hours

Crews from Knaresborough and Harrogate were called to a chimney fire in a domestic property. A 13.5m ladder, a roof ladder and a hosereel were used. The cause is believed to be an accumulation of soot.


Dangerous structure – Station Parade, Harrogate

Time of call: 1109 hours

A fire crew and aerial ladder platform from Harrogate  removed a number of facia panels from a commercial property (Waitrose). The aerial ladder platform and manpower was used to remove to panels to a safe location.


Dangerous structure – Princess Road, Ripon

Time of call: 1137 hours

A crew from Ripon was called to make safe a number of ridge tiles on a domestic property. A 9m ladder was used.


Road traffic collision – Malton Road, Seamer, Scarborough

Time of call: 1151 hours

2 crews from Scarborough were called to a 2 vehicle road traffic collision


Road traffic collision – A1 northbound between J47 Allerton Park and J48 Boroughbridge

Time of call: 1217 hours

Crews from Knaresborough, Harrogate, Boroughbridge, Tadcaster and Ripon assisted at a road traffic collision involving 2 large goods vehicles and a motorbike. The motorcyclist was  taken to hospital by air ambulance. A man in the an LGV was trapped in the vehicle, released by crews and taken to hospital for a precautionary check up. The second  LGV driverwas uninjured. Crews used hydraulic cutting gear.


Dangerous structure – Prospect Place, Harrogate

Time of call: 1239 hours

A crew from Acomb was called to make safe scaffolding on a domestic property. A triple extension ladder and ropes were used to lower scaffolding boards to the ground


Dangerous structure – Bowes Park, Harrogate

Time of call: 1306 hours

A fire officer assessed a trampoline which had blown into a dangerous position. He used hand tools to disassemble the trampoline.


Road traffic collision – Rudding Lane, Follifoot

Time of call: 1311 hours

A crew from Harrogate was called to a minor road traffic collision. No persons were trapped and the small fuel spillage was dealt with by the vehicle recovery company. No action by Fire Service.


Road traffic collision – Kingsley Road, Harrogate

Time of call: 1343 hours

Crews from Acomb and Harrogate were called to a road traffic collision involving 2 cars. No persons were trapped however 1 adult female and 1 child received a precautionary check up by paramedics at the scene. Fire Crews used first aid kit.


Dangerous structure – Lower Clark Street, Scarborough

Time of call: 1359 hours

A crew from Scarborough was called to remove loose facia boards from a commercial property. A rope was used.


Dangerous structure – Spring Bank, Scarborough

Time of call: 1425 hours

A Fire Officer assessed a loose telephone wire on a domestic property. He used the occupants tools to secure the line.


Dangerous structure – Seamer Road, Scarborough

Time of call: 1440 hours

A crew from Scarborough made safe a wall adjacent to a public footpath. They used a reciprocating saw and a sledgehammer.


Dangerous structure – Harcroft Avenue, Scarborough

Time of call: 1618 hours

A crew from Scarborough dealt with roof tiles on a vacant property. They used a ceiling hook and a 9m ladder to remove the loose tiles.

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