Local safety group says make looking after those presents your New Year’s resolution

19 January 2016

Members of the public are being urged to make a special New Year‘s resolution for 2016 – to do all they can to keep their valuable items safe.

Many people will have found high value gifts under the Christmas tree, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, bikes or do-it-yourself equipment, and it’s important that these are kept as secure as possible.

The Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership has produced a range of free information packs which it can provide to help ensure that those Christmas presents stay with the people they were intended for.  These include:

  • how to deter burglars and keep your home secure
  • bike security
  • personal item security
  • shed security


Each pack contains information and advice as well as practical items such as a UV marker pen.  For an item marked with a UV pen, if it is stolen and recovered the police have a better chance of returning the property to its rightful owner.

Councillor Mike Chambers is Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Safer Communities.  He said: 

The Community Safety Group runs many events throughout the year focusing on seasonal crime prevention initiatives. At this time of year, just after Christmas, the group’s focus is on ensuring that members of the public take steps to safeguard their property by ensuring that they store or keep valuable items as safely as possible. These information packs with their practical tools have proved to be valuable aids in helping that happen.

All the crime prevention packs are available by e-mailing community.safety@harrogate.gov.uk, giving details of which of the packs are required and including your name and address.

Further information and advice can be found at the Community Safety Group’s website at www.saferharrogate.org.uk

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