Poll: Should Britain bomb Syria ?


Parliament will today be debating and then voting on if Britain should undertake air strikes on ISIS bases in Syria.

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Should Britain bomb Syria ?

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  1. Something to think about here, the more we have bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya in recent years, all it has caused is more Wars,a rise in ISIS, many innocent dead children in war zones around the World, and actually increased terrorists attacks across the World, and so, as we again find ourselves wanting to bomb another country, the result of which will only lead to more terrorism, more innocent children in Syria dead, and with tensions between Turkey and Russia already close to another war, The UK does not need to bomb Syria to justify its place in the World, it won’t protect us from terrorists, it will most likely increase tensions and if just one of our bombs kills an innocent child on the ground in Syria, that’s one too many.
    What’s the difference between terrorists attacking Paris, killing innocent people? and the UK dropping bombs on Syria killing innocent people? hundreds and hundreds of innocent children have already died on the ground thanks to bombs by Russia, France and the US.
    Scratch the surface, and it’s ISIS Controlled oil fields that the UK want to target.
    scratch the surface, and it’s the UK Government wanting to justify the massive increase in defense spending of over £20 BILLION, and the near £100 BILLION cost in renewing Trident,
    we have no moral right to take the life of a innocent child. One bomb can cost £800,000!
    I am not saying take no action against terrorists, but why fuel the fire and give them ammunition to use against us?
    Cut them off, form a special task force, freeze assets etc
    But bomb a country thats already been bombed to hell?
    Not in my name

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