Harrogate man guilty of stalking and causing harrassment

23 October 2015

Daniel Boyd-von-Balla was at Harrogate Magistrates today (22 October 2015) facing charges of stalking which amounted to harassment.

Daniel Boyd-von-Balla resides in Lincoln Grove Harrogate, born 12 August 1987.

The court heard that there had been a number of incidence related to the complainant. Mr Boyd-von-Balla had contacted the complainant with Facebook, posted inappropriate Facebook Posts, posted notes through the complainants door, and followed them in the street. He was arrested on the 4 September 2015.

The complainant said that they had been forced to change their daily routine and it had affected their choices.

Mr Boyd-von-Balla pleaded guilty and said that he was genuinely sorry.

The court adjourned until 12 November 2015 to allow a pre-sentence report to be written. The Magistrate said that the offence fell into a level of seriousness where custody or committal to Crown Court was possible, although it did not mean they would do so.

Bail conditions were placed on Mr Boyd-von-Balla that restricted his movement on street where the complainant lives.

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