Three more schools join the Red Kite Learning Trust

9 September 2015

Over the summer three leading local schools joined together to form the ‘Red Kite Learning Trust’.

The Trust builds on the existing strong partnerships between the schools and is a response to profound changes in the school system that reinforce the need for schools in a locality to work together for the benefit of all.

Multi-Academy Trusts are now becoming a standard part of the educational landscape and the government and Local Authority have made it clear that it wants all schools to be part of some kind of strong partnership in the years to come.

Cheryl Smith, Headteacher at Western primary School commented:

This is such an exciting development for all our schools and gives us the opportunity to look at how we can share the experience, skills and resources across the Trust to provide the very best educational opportunities for our children.


Richard Sheriff, Headteacher of Harrogate Grammar School and CEO of the Trust was keen to emphasise the values that underpin the work of the Trust:

We believe we have a shared moral purpose to work together to improve the learning and achievement of all the young people in our schools, it really is about excellence for all and constantly looking at how we can improve and innovate to provide world class opportunities for our young people.


The Trust has the support of a highly experienced group of governors, with Jim McHugh chairing the Trustees.


Mr McHugh added:

I am delighted to be able to bring my experience as a former Primary Headteacher and a National Leader of Governance to the Trust to help it become established successfully within our locality, this is a really positive step for the schools involved and one which I know other schools will be keen to join.


Jill Cooper the Headteacher of Oatlands Junior School explained that the Red Kite Learning Trust was not an elite club but a growing, inclusive partnership:

We have started small with just three schools but we are keen to work with other local schools who share our values and want to work together to add value to our children’s education. The Trust does not want to become too big and wants to retain its focus on the locality but we certainly see it growing in the years to come.

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