O2’s network improvements in North Yorkshire help rural communities

21 July 2015

O2 has recently been carrying out works in North Yorkshire as part of its major network modernisation program to upgrade its 2G and 3G service as well as rolling out 4G.

In addition to bringing its enhanced network and the latest technology to cities and highly populated towns, O2 says it is giving a huge focus to improving its services and launching 4G technology to many rural communities across the Yorkshire County.

Leeds was one of the first three cities that O2 chose to announce the launch of its superfast 4G service in August 2013 and, since then, it has continued to bring its latest superfast technology to millions of people across the country. Many rural communities across the UK and Yorkshire county are also now benefitting from O2’s modernisation program, providing increased coverage to the smaller towns and villages so that more O2 customers can use its new and enhanced mobile network services.


Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer, Telefónica UK said:

The network investment we’re making in Yorkshire to improve coverage has really gained momentum since the project launched nearly two years ago. In addition to rolling out 4G and upgrading our 2G and 3G networks across the county, we’ve brought mobile data to some rural areas that have never had it before. That means more O2 customers can now experience all the exciting benefits of 4G, including local businesses who can make full use of those mobile products and services that will allow them to grow and increase productivity.


Dr. Tim Rider is a GP at the Leeds Road Practice in Harrogate, covering many of the rural areas around the North Yorkshire town. The practice prides itself on embracing mobile technology to help its patients on their daily home visits or for hosting their visiting surgery at the Memorial Hall in the village of Spofforth which has recently had 4G switched on.

The Leeds Road Practice comes to Spofforth weekly and armed with his laptop and mobile dongle, Dr. Rider is able to securely log onto the surgery’s database accessing patient records.


Dr. Rider said:

Having the power of a strong and reliable connection is crucial when I’m out on a patient visit. With many of our patients located in the smaller villages around Harrogate and for our surgery in Spofforth, a fast and secure mobile data service means I’m able to fill in patient notes and issue prescriptions immediately just as I would at our surgery. Without the need to update the system later in the day, I’m able to free up a bit more time to help patients.


Along with Spofforth, other villages around Harrogate are beginning to see the benefits of O2’s network improvements as it continues to upgrade its network in North Yorkshire including Fewston and Follifoot.

O2 launched its 4G service in August 2013, which currently covers 530 towns and cities reaching over 72% outdoor population coverage. O2 is continuing with its rapid network roll out with the aim of reaching 98% of the UK population before the end of 2017.

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