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Harrogate Borough Council reviews civic collection

3 July 2015

Harrogate Borough Council looks after a large number of objects as part of its civic collection, many of which have been presented to the council over the years. While much of the collection can be found in the council’s museums and offices, many objects are currently not on display.

A spokesperson for Harrogate Borough Council said: 

Like many other public sector organisations, Harrogate Borough Council undertakes reviews of its civic collection to ensure that all items are catalogued and correctly valued.

Officers and council members have recently begun the latest review which will also consider whether each item is being displayed appropriately.

Harrogate Borough Council is extremely proud of its civic collection, and where we are unable to display items in our own buildings, will look at alternative options.

As the project has only just begun we have not as yet considered the future of every item specifically.

As part of the review we will look at what is the most appropriate location for each item, whether this be in council offices, museums, loaned to others, returned to organisations where they can make better use of them, or perhaps where none of these apply it may be deemed appropriate that some items could be sold.

A full report will be available on completion of the civic collection review.

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