North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service encourages friends and family to help older residents register appliances

28 June 2015

We have at least 100 million large domestic appliances in use in our homes, however, according to a recent survey only 55% of over 65 year olds always register their ovens, fridges and washing machines, meaning thousands can miss out on vital, free,  product safety repairs.

To make it simpler for the public to register their appliances, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has created, a user friendly website which provides quick access to the registration pages of over 60 leading brands of domestic appliances.  Importantly, for this safety initiative, on this site the public can register both new and older appliances (up to 12 years old).


As part of the Fire Kills Campaign North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is helping to raise awareness of why it is important for people to register their appliances. Whilst safety recalls on these large white goods are rare, if a problem arises it is crucial that homes with the affected models can be contacted quickly and particularly that older, vulnerable, owners are not left off the radar.


Group Manager Peter Hudson from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service says:

We run a programme of  home safety checks and  particularly try to visit the older, vulnerable, residents in our communities to fit smoke alarms and give advice.  But helping elderly parents to register their appliances is a very simple and sensible step to help keep them safe.


According to Age UK, senior surfers are on the increase with 4.6 million aged 65+ online, with the number who have used the internet overtaking those who have never used it, for the first time in 2013[ii].  This is a reassuring trend and the registermyappliance initiative aims to encourage all ages to go online and register their appliances.

However focus group research carried out in November 2014 by AMDEA found that retired users aged 60+, found it more difficult to complete online registration forms as they lacked the intuitive computer knowledge of younger people or of those in employment who use computers daily.  This, along with the Age UK estimated 6 million aged 65+ without internet access, means that the older population could do with a hand.

If you can help your parent, or an elderly neighbour who can’t go online or who just finds it difficult, do your bit to ensure their safety by registering their appliances at

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