Gambaru Harrogate
Jonathan Walker and Mike Pywell

Harrogate Gym Invests £100k to go 24 Hour

2 December 2014

An independent gym in Harrogate has completed a £100k project to become the first fitness centre in North Yorkshire to offer licensed and secure 24 hour opening.

The investment has seen the construction of a new out of hours entrance at Gambaru Fitness on Station Parade and the installation of 18 cameras linked to a remote monitoring station.

Jonathan Walker, who launched the Gambaru brand in Harrogate in 2008, said the move was part of an 18 month improvement programme which has seen him working with Harrogate business consultant and life coach Mike Pywell to review the gym’s image, operations and member services.

Jonathan said: We have just had our strongest year ever in terms of turnover and membership but with increased competition from national brands including the low-cost operators we can’t afford to stand still.

Our 700 members, who range in age from 18 to over 80 want a gym that reflects their needs and 24 hour opening is just one of them.

The project has involved upgrading the reception area, gym equipment and layout, changing rooms, signage and computer systems, and the introduction of a secure online booking system.

Further developments include the creation of a dedicated women’s only training area and the gym’s own range of healthy food.
Gambaru’s expansion and Jonathan’s vision for the future led to the business being confirmed as Yorkshire’s leading gym in this year’s National Fitness Awards and the team will be aiming for the national title at next year’s event.

Jonathan said: My aim with Gambaru has been to create a third place for members, where home is first and work is second, somewhere with a friendly and supportive environment where they can feel motivated to stretch the boundaries.


Mike Pywell said: The investment and planning needed to upgrade Gambaru and facilitate 24 hour opening has presented huge challenges for an independent business but by giving our members the keys to their own gym Jonathan has taken his ethos of creating a third place to a completely new level.

He is now in a much stronger position to confront increased competition and has an offering that sets him apart from anyone else in the market.

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