Storage space needed for Harrogate homeless project

Corrina’s Homeless And Vulnerable Project in Harrogate are a non profitable organisation run by a committee of volunteers and rely entirely on donations and sponsorship to support their work.

They  help the homeless an vulnerable by providing them a meal 6-7pm every Sunday at St George’s community hall, Mornington Terrace, Harrogate.

As their work has expanded, they are now looking for space to locate a 20ft x8 x 8 storage container. It will be used to stored donations of clothes, tents, sleeping bags and non perishables food.

Corrina said: It is due to be delivered over the next week or so and up till now we have had no luck in finding a place for it.

If anyone can help or know someone who could let us site the container on their land, no power or electric would be need just access.

Also, it can be a temporary commitment to locate the container.

If you can help call Corrina o  07803788110 or email or the Facebook group

Corrina, pictured centre with the then Mayor of Harrogate

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