UKIP Councillors question County Council’s decision to spend £60k of tax payers’ money on chamber audio system

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North Yorkshire county council has come under fire from UKIP members for spending £60,000 of tax payers’ money on a new system for its debating chamber.

The cash strapped authority, which is having to save it in excess of £90m over the next five years, has splashed out £50,000 on equipment and a further £10,000 installing it.

However, County Couns Sam Cross (UKIP, Filey) and David Simister (UKIP , & Nidd Gorge) believe the money would have been better spent elsewhere, such as maintaining rural bus services or repairing crumbling roads.

County Couns Sam Cross (UKIP, Filey) and David Simister (UKIP , & Nidd Gorge)

Coun Cross said: In these austere times the County Council seem keen to waste taxpayers’ money on something that isn’t an urgency.

The irony is that 75 per cent of the councillors at the quarterly meetings never utter a word!


Coun Simister said: I would rather have seen this money put to better uses such as investing in our schools, our roads and our social services.


Coun Cross added: What might have made more sense – and would have cost a fraction of the price – was to get two or three roving microphones. It wouldn’t take a lot to pass those around the councillors who actually contribute to debates!

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