Turn your yellow bike green

11 July 2014

People in North Yorkshire who celebrated last weekend’s Grand Départ of the Tour de France by decorating homes, villages and towns with yellow bicycles are being urged to dispose of them with care. Although some will become permanent ‘sculptures’ in remembrance of the event, the majority are likely to end up being thrown away.

North Yorkshire County Council’s Waste Management team is urging people either to re-use the bikes, or take them to the local household waste recycling centres.

County Councillor Chris Metcale, Executive Member for Waste Management said: Although we can’t guarantee that bikes will be re-used once they reach the household waste recycling centres due to the heavy yellow paint applied to some, we can guarantee they will be recycled.

More information about local household waste recycling centres can be found at www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/23931/Household-waste-recycling-centres.

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